You can conveniently track your billing and payment details on the Billing page.

For internal team & internal app plans: On the menu sidebar of the dashboard, go to Team Settings > Billing

For external app plans, open the Settings of an external app and access the Billing on the menu sidebar.

Invoice history

On the Billing page, near its end, you can find a detailed invoice history for all subscriptions purchased for your team or external app.

This section will provide a comprehensive overview of all billing-related activities, including the date of each transaction, the amount charged, and any relevant details about the subscription plan.

You can use this information to keep track of your spending, monitor changes in your billing patterns, and ensure that all charges are accurate and up-to-date.

Payment method

Changing payment

To change your payment method:

  • go to Billing > Current Plan

  • Click the pen button next to your current payment method.

  • On the next page, click Add payment method

  • Fill in the new card information or choose to switch to Cash App Pay

  • Click Update to save the new payment.

Adding new payment

You can save multiple payment methods to have flexibility while making payments.

To add a new payment method:

  • Visit the Billing page.

  • Go to the Payment Method section, and click + Add payment method.

  • Fill in your new payment details. You can either add a new card or use Cash App Pay.

  • Once done, click on the Add button.

Troubleshooting issues

Declined payment

We use Stripe as our payment processor for card transactions. If your payment is declined, it's likely due to an interaction between your bank and Stripe.

Even if you have a good history of successful transactions, your payment can still be declined. In the event of a declined payment, Stripe will provide you with all the information we receive about the decline. Some solutions to try include:

  • double-checking the card/payment information you entered, and

  • contacting your card issuer or bank to see if there are any restrictions on your card.

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