May 31, 2023

In this update

New features

Design Form page: easier and more convenient

We have made significant improvements to streamline your app development experience:

  1. Automatic form generation: The form page now generates input fields automatically, linked to columns in the data table. Each field is preconfigured with the appropriate data type, ensuring accurate data collection.

  2. Enhanced component selection: We have removed the components library from the Form page editor. Instead, users can easily change the input components by adjusting the input type in the right sidebar. The system detects the linked column's data type and suggests a list of compatible components to choose from.

  3. Secure input for confidential information: We understand the importance of protecting sensitive data. To address this, we have introduced the "Secret Input" setting, allowing users to collect confidential information, such as passwords. Enabling this setting ensures that all input in the field appears as black dots, safeguarding sensitive data.

  4. Output format customization: For string-type columns collecting date & time or boolean values (TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO), users can now define the desired output format, providing more flexibility and control over the collected information.


  5. Drag & drop component addition: Adding components to the form is now even more intuitive. Users can simply drag and drop the desired components directly onto the app preview, enabling faster and more efficient form creation.

Authentication with Microsoft account

Starion GO now supports the authentication with Microsoft accounts, which can help further enhancing your app implementation process, especially for organizations and companies.

We believe that by incorporating this new authentication option, Starion becomes even more versatile for the internal app, offering a seamless and secure authentication process tailored to the needs of your organization.


We have made improvements to the App Preview Screen, offering a more polished user interface. The following enhancements have been implemented:

  1. App description space: You can now introduce your app to users by adding a description, allowing you to provide more information and engage with your audience effectively.

  2. Improved indexability: To enhance privacy and security, we have eliminated the chance of Google indexing your app page. This ensures that your app remains private and accessible only to authorized users.

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