Barcode input

The "Barcode input" component offers users a convenient and efficient way to scan barcodes within your app and get the information linked with the barcode from your table.

Properties Settings

Linked with

Specify the column in the table from where data of the current item will represented when users scan the barcode.

Label & Icon

Assign a descriptive label to the scanner, indicating the purpose or expected content of the barcode.

Choose an icon that visually represents barcode-related actions or functions.

Default Value

Set a default value for the Barcode Input component, which serves as a placeholder or pre-filled barcode when the page is loaded.

Allow Code Type

Enter the code type your app will support to scan for information.

Starion supports nine code types, including UPC-A, EAN-13, and Code 128. This setting ensures that your app can scan the most common types of barcodes encountered by your users.


Activate this checkbox to hide the "barcode input" component from the user interface. This can be beneficial when controlling the component's visibility based on specific conditions, special occasions, or user interactions.


Enable this checkbox to disable the component, preventing user interactions and inputs. This setting can be helpful when restricting barcode entry or scanning based on certain conditions or permissions.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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