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Product tour

Product tours are a valuable tool, especially for new users who are getting acquainted with your mobile app. A well-designed product tour can significantly enhance the overall user experience, making your app more intuitive and user-friendly.
In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to effectively create and use product tours in Starion.

Preparation of the material

The product tour is a way to deliver the user onboarding. So, the first thing is to make sure that you have the material to build a friendly process of getting acquainted with your app for your users.
We recommend that you have beforehand the outline for your app's Product Tour: what main features of your app you want to highlight in the Product tours or anything you want to clearly state to your users about the app's goal
In Starion, please consider these components things when preparing content for each page within the Product tours:
  • Title: Keep it within 2 lines, about 30 characters or below.
  • Subtitle: Keep it within 3 lines, about 100 characters or below.
  • Image: Ensure to have a hotlink from a supported image link host service ready.

Designing the onboarding

Try our interactive guide to quickly get the steps of building the product tour:
Steps in text:
  • Access the section Product Tour on the left sidebar of App Editor
  • Click the plus (+) button of Features to add a new page included in the Product Tour
  • Click on the newly added feature and go to the left sidebar for a detailed configuration of the Title, Subtitle, and image that you prepared beforehand.
  • Go to the Layout part (also on the right sidebar) and choose how to organize things on your product page.