Google Spreadsheet

Guide to connecting and syncing data table from Google Sheet

Before you start

First, choose a suitable Starion plan to avoid data truncation during the synchronization. Each plan is tailored with a different limitation in the number of rows that can be synced. Please make sure your current plan can cover the synchronization for all the rows in your data table.

Secondly, keep the heading row of your table on the first row of the sheet since Starion detects that row as the heading row by default.

The access mode for tables synced from Google Sheets is shared tables. In case you want to use the "Private table" mode, choose the data source as Native tables instead.

How to connect

  • Access Data Studio and click the button "+ Add a Table."

  • Choose access mode as "Shared table" and source as "Sync with Google Sheets". Then, click "Continue."

  • Log into your Google account and grant the access permissions to your drive for Starion.

  • Back to Starion, click "Select."

  • A window pops up. Choose the spreadsheet from your Drive, and click "Select."

  • Back to Starion again, check the box of the sheet(s) in the spreadsheet that you want to sync, and click the "Save" button to start the process

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