Boolean input

Component "Boolean input" is a control component that allows users to select between two options, typically represented as a toggle or checkbox.

Properties settings

Specify the column in the data table where user interaction data will be saved.

This setting is exclusive to the detail page and enables seamless data integration between the Boolean input component and the linked data table.

Label & Icon

Provide a descriptive label to convey the purpose or meaning of the Boolean input component.

You can also choose an icon visually representing the associated options or actions.

Initial Value

Set the initial state of the Boolean input.

By default, the initial value is set to "TRUE", meaning the checkbox is checked or the toggle is in the "on" position. You can set the initial value to "FALSE" if you want the checkbox to be unchecked or the toggle to be in the "off" position when the custom page is loaded.


Choose whether to hide the component from the view of the app users. This can be useful when the button is irrelevant in some particular cases or events or needs to be hidden for security reasons.


Choose whether or not users can interact with the toggle.

You may consider whether or not disabling the ability to interact with a component in many cases. For instance, you may showcase information in read-only mode, prevent accidental changes to critical data, or disable the component until users go through several steps.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


Interaction settings

By users simply toggling the switch, you can also define how things work in your app and data table later, letting your users execute the action associated with the app and increasing their engagement.

You can explore all the available types of interactions and find detailed instructions on their configuration right here.

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