Add row

The "Add Row" empowers users to add new items to their app, creating a corresponding row in the associated data table.

This action is particularly valuable when users must input or submit new data into the app, ensuring seamless integration and efficient data management.

Updated table

Select the specific data table where the new row will be added. This setting allows you to define the target table for storing the newly inputted data. You can choose the table when adding the action or change it in the "Do this..." setting of the action.

Updated columns

In the detailed settings of the table field, you can specify the values to be added to each column in the table. You can set values as specific inputs, get data from the current user or the corresponding row of the item, or use formulas to generate values based on predefined logic or user input dynamically.

Confirm on Required

This checkbox option allows you to add a confirmation step when the action requires additional validation or user consent.

Show Notification on Success

By checking the "Show Notification on Success" checkbox, you can provide users with visual feedback to confirm that their action was executed as intended.

This setting also allows you to modify the success message displayed in the notification, ensuring clear communication with users.

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