Barcode scanner

The barcode scanner input field is a useful feature allowing users to scan barcodes easily using mobile devices. With this input field, users can quickly input data into a form by scanning a barcode instead of manually entering data.


Add a title for the input field here. It should be descriptive enough to help users understand what data they should scan.

Allow code types

Choose which type of barcode your app will support.

Starion supports nine code types, including UPC-A, EAN-13, and Code 128. This ensures that your app can scan the most common types of barcodes your users will likely encounter.

Note: If you don't choose any specific code type(s), it is the default that your app will support all of Starion's code types.


"Required" and "Validation by Formula" checkboxes validate input.

When "Required" is enabled, the input field must be filled by users before they can submit the form.

"Validation by Formula" allows you to write your data validation rules with Typescript. Read how Typescript is implemented in Starion here.



Hide the input field if in case it is needed.

This can be useful if you only want to show the field to certain users, if you want to hide it until a specific point in the form, or when you want to use the component to collect the data in the background without displaying it to the user.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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