The "Options" input field is where the end-users can select answers from a list of choices you provide.

This option can help to avoid the case where different answers mean the same thing that easily happens when it is free to enter the value, ensuring users provide the data you intend to collect.


Add a title for the input field. This title should be descriptive enough to help users understand the options they are being asked to choose from.

Available options

Define the range of options that users can choose from. You can add as many options as needed, each with a corresponding label that will be displayed to the user. You can separate the options using the comma or press enter.

Default value

Set a default option for the input field. This can be useful if you know that most users will select the same option or if you want to suggest a default choice for the user.


The display options dictate how the choice in the "options" component is visually presented to users. Three display options are available: inline - within one page with other components, separated - access to another page for choosing options; and chips - referring to a user interface design pattern that represents options or choices in the form of chips or tokens.

Allow multiple selections

Enable you to let your users choose more than one option. In case it is disabled, the end-users can only choose 1 option.


"Required" and "Validation by Formula" checkboxes validate input.

When "Required" is enabled, the input field must be filled by users before they can submit the form.

"Validation by Formula" allows you to write your data validation rules with Typescript. Read how Typescript is implemented in Starion here.



Hide the input field if in case it is needed.

This can be useful if you only want to show the field to certain users, if you want to hide it until a specific point in the form, or when you want to use the component to collect the data in the background without displaying it to the user.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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