The List Layout is a versatile and practical way to present items on your collection page in Starion. It caters to scenarios where users must swiftly navigate through a considerable volume of items, making it effortless to identify and select the specific ones they require.


Include a descriptive title for each item in the list. This provides users with clear and concise information about the content.


Complement the title with additional information or context about the item. This helps users quickly grasp the item's relevance.


Situated above the title, the caption offers a concise yet impactful description of the item, drawing immediate attention.


The leading setting enables the display of an icon, photo URL, or profile image URL as a visual representation of the item.


Use the trailing option to include supplementary content or actions aligned to the right side of each item in the list.


Employ the accessory setting to offer further visual information about the item. This can take the form of icons, badges, or small graphics that enhance the item's presentation.

Group By

This powerful setting allows you to create sections on the collection page, organizing items based on a selected data field or column. This is especially valuable for apps dealing with a substantial volume of items that require meaningful categorization.

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