August 6, 2023

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Barcode scanner improvements

The enhanced barcode scanner is now a powerful tool in your app development arsenal.

  • We've made it even more efficient and user-friendly by supporting scanning from websites, allowing you to capture barcodes seamlessly and with ease.

  • Additionally, we've introduced prioritized scanning zones, ensuring that the most relevant barcode is detected when multiple barcodes are present.

  • With the added ability to upload barcode image files from your device, you now have unparalleled flexibility in barcode scanning.

These improvements enable you to seamlessly integrate barcode functionality into your apps, whether for inventory management, product scanning, or any other use case you envision.

Inline Collection component

Our inline collection component has received exciting enhancements, offering you more options to showcase items visually appealingly. The new layouts are

  • Horizontal Grid

  • Vertical Grid

  • List

It provides greater customization, allowing you to choose the number of rows or columns to display your content. Whether you're showcasing products, articles, or any other content, the inline collection component offers a versatile solution to captivate your users and optimize their app experience.

Repeater component: More component types supported

The repeater component now supports various types, allowing you to effortlessly duplicate and represent multiple contents. The supported types are Audio, Video, Image, Barcode, Map View, embedded URL, File Preview, and Text.

Streamlined Tablet app

The tablet app has now been transformed with a revamped collection layout design. Enjoy an optimized user interface that maximizes efficiency and user experience.

Also, we made pop-overs for filtering and sorting actions to provide a more intuitive and accessible way for users to interact with your app's content.

With these updates, your tablet app will shine with a fresh and modern look.

New Dashboard design: More elegant view

The dashboard has been reimagined to provide a comprehensive and organized view of all your app components and features. The introduction of a sidebar ensures easy access to all settings, eliminating any hidden elements and making configuration a breeze.

Moreover, app cards with a clean layout offer a quick and informative glance at your app's vital information, streamlining your app management process.

Account & Team

Tailored Pricing Plans: A Perfect Fit for Your App

We've reimagined our pricing plans to offer greater flexibility and tailored external and internal app development options. Whether you are creating an internal or external app, you'll find plans that perfectly match your requirements.

  • The pricing model is tailored to cater to your specific needs. You no longer have to pay for features you don't need, as our plans are customized to deliver the best value for your app development journey.

  • A custom plan is now available. We believe that every app is unique, and we want to provide you with the best possible solutions for your success. Our team is always ready to work closely with you, offering personalized guidance and recommendations to make your app successful.

We would especially like to introduce Stripe Integration in this update. With our integration of Stripe, a leading online payment platform, you can now experience a seamless and hassle-free payment experience. Feel confident in your transactions as you embark on your app development journey with Starion.

Empowering Team Management with Roles

At Starion, we believe that collaboration is the key to successful app development, and with Team Roles, we are taking teamwork to a whole new level.

Each member can be assigned one of three distinct roles: Owner, Editor, or Viewer.

  • The Owner holds the highest level of access and authority, making strategic decisions and overseeing the entire app development process.

  • Editors have the privilege of creating, editing and configuring app components, allowing them to actively contribute to the app's development.

  • Viewers, on the other hand, can access the app, review its progress, and provide valuable feedback, without making any direct changes.

You can establish a strong foundation for efficiency and collaboration with Team Roles. Whether you are working with a small internal team or a large group, it empowers everyone to contribute effectively, making app development a seamless and efficient process.

Formula: Implementing TypeScript and Removing JSONata

Starion is now transitioning from a no-coding environment to a low-coding framework, offering enhanced abilities, flexibility, and customization options. As part of this transformation, TypeScript has been introduced as the preferred coding language for the powerful Formula feature in Starion. While JSONata can benefit individuals who primarily focus on data manipulation and transformations within the app, TypeScript can be advantageous for building the underlying application logic and business logic. It provides a robust and scalable approach, ensuring code quality, maintainability, and a solid foundation for complex features.

By embracing TypeScript as the foundation for the Formula feature, Starion empowers you to unlock endless possibilities and create highly customized and engaging apps. Upgrade to the latest version of Starion and leverage the power of TypeScript to take your app development to new heights.

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