April 27, 2023

In this update

New features

New components: Callout

We've added a new callout component with four types: Info, Warning, Error, and Success.

These callout components are designed to give users a better understanding of what is happening on the app, providing clear and concise information on important events or actions. This new feature will improve the user experience and help users stay informed about the app's status.

Default page's settings

Before, when you edit the default Form page and Custom page, you might notice that those page are default named after the name of the file, and you could not change it.

From this update, we added a new settings for the default pages with which you can set the title of the default page to your preferred one. You can now choose from several options, including entering a name manually or setting a value from the current data row of the item the page is showing.

Improvements and fix bugs

Component Categories

We have now group our components into categories based on their types. This change is our effort in trying to help you easily find and select the component you need. This new categorization will make it faster and more intuitive to navigate the components list, saving you valuable time in building your app.

View detail page from Custom page's inline collection

Have you tried using the Inline Collection component? It enables you to design a collection of items within the Custom or Detail page of your app, with the same settings as those on the Collection page. With our latest update, we have made some significant improvements to this feature. Previously, users could only access the detail page of an item from the main Collection page. However, with this update, they can now do so from the inline collection component too. This added functionality provides greater flexibility and control to your app users, resulting in an enhanced overall user experience.

Preview for Google Drive and Dropbox files

We're happy to announce that Starion now supports file previews for Google Drive and Dropbox. When files are uploaded via URL in the Custom page or Detail page, users can preview them and see the file name, its URL, and the platform icon to indicate where the file is located. With the added "View" button, accessing the file from within the app is even more convenient. This new feature improves the overall user experience by making it easier for users to preview and access files, without having to leave the app.

Improved feedback and messaging

In the contribution to enhance the user experience in your app, we also added two new default features. First is the message for form submission in Form page which provides users with real-time feedback when they submit a form on their app, enabling them to stay informed about their actions. Secondly, it is the toast for operation feedback feature which provides users with immediate and clear feedback when they perform an action in their app, ensuring that they are aware of the outcome of their actions. Overall, these updates contribute to improving the usability and efficiency of the app-building process, ultimately making it more user-friendly and streamlined.

Fix bugs

  • Fixed a bug that was causing issues with the benefits of membership plans.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Vimeo videos from displaying on React Native Web apps.

  • Fixed a bug related to the UI of the App Studio.

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