"Toggle" is a button that allows users to express their attitude towards an item within your app. With its intuitive design and customizable settings, users can easily interact with the button to, for example, convey their preferences or mark items as favorites.

Incorporating the Toggle Button accessory empowers users to express their preferences and mark items as favorites with a simple tap. The Boolean data recorded by these interactions provides valuable insights for personalized experiences and data-driven functionality within your app.

Linked with

The Toggle Button accessory is linked to a specific column in your data table, where the button's state is recorded as a Boolean value. Selecting the appropriate column ensures that user interactions with the button are accurately captured and saved.


You can customize the Toggle Button's appearance by choosing an icon visually representing its purpose. Whether it's a thumbs-up for liking or a star for marking as a favorite, selecting an appropriate icon enhances the button's clarity and conveys its intended function to users.


Name the Toggle Button with descriptive text that communicates the attitude or action associated with tapping the button. Choose easily understandable words and provide users with a clear indication of what the button represents. For example, "Like" or "Favorite" are straightforward labels that effectively convey the button's purpose.

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