Send notification

The "Send Notification" action lets your users trigger and send notifications to designated recipients within the app.

This action serves as a valuable tool to facilitate timely and targeted communication, allowing you to keep users informed, engaged, and updated.

To People

Choose the notification recipients, such as yourself, a team member, or the user interacting with the app. You can leverage the power of Formulas to customize the receiver(s) based on specific item interactions or user-specific scenarios. This allows for dynamic and targeted notifications.


Define the notification's title to provide a concise and meaningful summary of its content. This title will be displayed to the recipients.


Craft the body of the notification message, conveying relevant information, updates, or personalized content. Compose a clear, concise, and engaging message to communicate with the recipients effectively.

Confirm on Required

This checkbox option allows you to add a confirmation step when the action requires additional validation or user consent.

Show Notification on Success

By checking the "Show Notification on Success" checkbox, you can provide users with visual feedback to confirm that their action was executed as intended.

This setting also allows you to modify the success message displayed in the notification, ensuring clear communication with users.

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