Web distribution offers a convenient way to deliver your apps to your audience as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This enables users to add the app to their home screen, providing an experience similar to native apps from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


  • Speed: Web distribution is quick and hassle-free, as users don't need to download or install the Starion Go app. This method supports both external and internal apps.

  • Branding: With web distribution, you can use a custom domain and remove Starion branding, ensuring your app maintains your brand identity.


  • Limited native features: Web distribution doesn't support all native features found in native apps.

  • Push notifications: Available only on supported browsers (e.g., Chrome).

  • No offline functionality: Web distribution does not support offline features, meaning the app won't work without an internet connection.

Custom Domains

You can personalize your app by adding a custom domain, with a limit of one domain per app. For instructions on setting up a custom domain, please visit our Custom Domain page.

pageCustom domain


Push Notifications

Web distribution does not support push notifications on all browsers. Certain browsers, like Chrome, allow for push notifications, but it may not be a consistent experience across all platforms.

Supported browsers include:

  • All Chromium-based browsers (both mobile and desktop), which means Android devices are supported.

  • Safari (iOS 16.4 or later). Please note that push notifications can only be sent to users who have added your app to their home screen.

Barcode Scanner

Web-based apps do not have full access to the device's native features, such as the barcode scanner. To utilize barcode scanning, consider using the Starion Go app or a native app distribution.

Offline Capability

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) may have limited offline capabilities compared to native apps. If offline functionality is critical for your app, you might need to explore alternative distribution methods.

Location Geo-fencing

Due to limited access to native device features, location-based services such as geo-fencing might not work as effectively in a web distribution. To leverage accurate geo-fencing features, consider using the Starion Go app or a native app distribution.


Can I connect multiple domains to a single app?

No, you can only connect one domain per app. Each app supports a single domain connection.

Who can access my apps via the app URL?
  • External apps: Anyone with the app URL can access your app. You can configure the authentication methods allowed or required for sign-in on the Welcome Page within the App Editor.

  • Internal apps: Only users within your team can access these apps.

Can I use my apps on a desktop device?

Yes, you can use your apps on a desktop device. However, the app will be displayed within a device frame, as our platform is specifically designed for mobile use. For the best experience, it is recommended to use the apps on mobile devices.

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