The Map Layout is an optimal choice when you want to display store locations, points of interest, or other geographically relevant data.

With this layout, each item is represented as a pin on the map, allowing users to explore and interact with the data dynamically.

Additionally, each item in the Map layout comes with a default "Get Direction" button, which conveniently directs users to the map apps on their device, guiding them on how to reach their desired location from their current position.


This field is a required attribute since it is crucial for map visualization. Enter the text address or use latitude/longitude coordinates, or you can insert the Google Map URL of the location.


You enter a title for each item in the list, providing a concise and descriptive heading to represent the content. For example, it's the column of the location's name in your table of address.


A descriptive subtitle for each item provides additional context or information, such as an introduction to the place.

Place's Image URL

Enhance your items' visual appeal by adding images representing each location. In Map, images can be used as wayfinding aids. It can help users quickly recognize landmarks, buildings, or features associated with that place.


This field is optional but can be used to display additional information in a visual format, such as ratings, dates and times, or countdown timers.

Group By

With the Group By setting, you can categorize your items based on a specific column. Each unique value in the column becomes a section on the map, with a distinct color and icon. The items are pinned on the map with the corresponding icon and color.

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