The Calendar Layout is a great choice when you need to organize things in a timeline, with a focus on date and time data. Through several updates, the Calendar Layout in Starion has undergone significant enhancements, offering a seamless and intuitive user experience. In this article, we will explore the Calendar Layout and its three distinct views: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Discover how this layout can revolutionize the way you organize in your app representing your users.


You specify a name or short description for your event item here. This field is designed to be clear and descriptive, providing a brief summary of the event or item for easy identification.

Start Date & End Date

These settings are a crucial component of the Calendar Layout. They enable you to define the date and time when an event begins and ends. By selecting the appropriate dates (or a column of that information), you ensure accurate placement and visibility of the event within the calendar.

Group By

In this setting, you choose a column based on which your events are categorized. Each unique value in the column is a section.

You assign a color to each category. Consequently, on the Calendar view, each item goes with its category's color.

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