Multi-line text field

The Multiple-line Text Input component allows users to input and edit longer text content spanning across multiple lines. This component is beneficial when users need to provide detailed descriptions, comments, or notes within an app.

Specify the column where user interaction data will be saved in the data table. This setting is exclusive to the Detail page and ensures seamless integration between the Multiple-line Text Input component and the linked data table.


Assign a descriptive label to the Multiple-line Text Input component, indicating the purpose or expected input from users. The label provides clarity and guidance, helping users understand the type of content they should input.

Default Value

Set a default value for the Multiple-line Text Input component, a placeholder, or pre-filled text when the page is loaded. This can help give users a starting point or suggestion for their input.


Activate this checkbox to hide the Multiple-line Text Input component from the user interface. This can be useful when controlling the component's visibility based on specific conditions or user interactions.


Enable this checkbox to disable the Multiple-line Text Input component, making it unresponsive to user interactions. This setting can be beneficial when restricting user input based on certain conditions or permissions.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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