Tabs layout

The page with a tab layout is a container for multiple pages organized in a tab format.

This structure allows you to embed several pages, each representing a dedicated section of your app – it’s like having a Chrome window with various tabs open, each contributing to the overall goal.

Whether you aim for enhanced navigation, improved organization, or a more intuitive user journey, the tabs layout provides a versatile solution.

Adding a tabs page

To add a tabs page:

  • Access the app editor and click the + button to add a new page

  • Choose "Tabs layout."

Adding a tab

In the interface of designing a tabs page, to add a new tab:

  • Click the + button of the section "Page."

  • Choose the page type of the tab. You can choose between the Collection, Canvas, or Form pages.

Designing the tab

Once you've added a tab, the subsequent design steps mirror those of designing a separate page of the same type. Leverage detailed guides available in specific articles to refine the layout and elements of each tab.

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