Component "Video" allows you to embed video content into your app easily. It can be used to showcase product demos, video tutorials, or any other type of video content that you want to share with your users.

Video URL

Enter the URL of the video you want to embed in the app. It can be the link of your hosting address or from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Thumbnail URL

Enter the URL of an image that will be displayed as the thumbnail for the video.

For videos from platforms like YouTube, the thumbnail will be extracted automatically. But you still can add your preferred one as a replacement.


Add a title for the Video. It can be short or long, but we recommend that the title give your users a clear briefing on the video.


Choose whether to hide the component from the view of the app users. This can be useful when the video is irrelevant in some particular cases or events or needs to be hidden for security reasons.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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