Photo gallery

The component "Photo gallery" is used to showcase your photo files in an engaging and visually appealing manner within your pages.

Whether you want to create a stunning image carousel or display images in a grid format, the Photo Gallery component offers flexibility and creative possibilities to enhance your pages.


Provide the URLs of the images in the settings. You can include multiple URLs separated by commas to create a comprehensive gallery representing your visual content.


The Layout setting allows you to choose the desired display format: Carousel, 2-Column Grid, or 4-Column Grid.

Select the layout that best complements your design and content requirements, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.


Choose whether to hide the component from the view of the app users. This can be useful in cases where the photo gallery is not relevant in some exceptional cases or events or needs to be hidden for security reasons.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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