The People component allows users to input and select individuals or groups of people, such as assigning tasks, creating user profiles, or managing team memberships. It can be especially useful in business applications or collaboration platforms where user management and communication are key feature.

Properties settings


Provide a label or name, which should be clear enough, to help users understand which individuals they should add as a suitable input.

Initial people

Set the initial selection for the input component as a sample for users to start quickly.

For instance, the leader must be added to all team members' task cards in business operations. You can add the team leader's email as the initial value.

Allows multiple selection

Determines whether or not the user can select multiple people as input for this component.


This setting allows the component to be hidden from the user interface. This can be useful when controlling the component's visibility based on specific conditions or user interactions.


Configure whether users can change the input by their preference.

You may consider whether or not disabling the ability to interact with a component in many cases. For instance, you may showcase information in read-only mode, prevent accidental changes to critical data, or disable the component until users go through several steps.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


Interactions settings

You can enhance the user experience by designing the system's interaction when your users add or remove a person. Starion offers a wide range of supported actions, such as updating your table or sending a notification on the interaction.

Explore all the available types of actions and find detailed instructions on their configuration here.

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