July 5, 2023

In this update:

As the replacement for Carousel, we have added a new component called the Photo Gallery, offering you more options to display your photo files within the pages, including Carousel layout, in a visually captivating manner.

Improvement on page Components

  • Enhanced Component UI: To improve the visual separation and clarity of information within your pages, we have introduced frames filled with your app's accent color for each component. This enhancement ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

  • Linked with Column: This is a new setting that is added for control components. It allows you to define the column in a data table to link with the components. Now, the data captured from user interactions can be seamlessly saved in the data table, enabling you to leverage it for various purposes in your app.

New Item actions

  • "Send HTTP Request": We have added a powerful new interaction called "Send HTTP Request" to enable requests similar to running an API order. Simply provide the URL, choose the appropriate method, and include headers and body parameters to streamline your app's data flow.

Improved Existing Actions:

  • Update current row: When users edit an item on its detail page, the changes are instantly executed and the new data is seamlessly updated on the page.

  • Delete current row: Similarly, when users delete an item, they are smoothly redirected back to the previous page for a seamless user experience.

Tablet App Enhancements

  • Streamlined Product Tour: To deliver an intuitive UI experience, the product tour on tablet apps now exclusively supports layout blocks with the "aspect fit" resizing mode, optimizing visual presentation. When it is enabled, the Product tour is on the same screen as the authentication page on the tablet apps.

  • Enhanced Authentication Page: The authentication page UI has received a polished update, with components now contained within a fixed frame at the center of the tablet screen. This thoughtful enhancement ensures a suitable size for seamless user interaction, elevating the overall user experience.

  • Improved Date & Time Picker Sheet: When interacting with Date Picker components on a tablet app, users are now treated to an improved side sheet. The date & time picker sheet is thoughtfully integrated within the frame, dynamically adjusting for both vertical and horizontal views, enhancing usability and visual appeal.

Enhanced Calendar Layout

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to the Calendar layout in Starion, revolutionizing the way you represent your data within the view of a Calendar. These enhancements are the biggest of this time, in both UI&UX designs.

What’s new:

  • You now can have the flexibility to view an entire week or month at a glance while simultaneously accessing detailed information in the Day View below.

  • By simply swiping down, you can effortlessly transition from the Week View to the Month View while retaining the Day View for focused insights.

  • Additionally, tapping on a specific date in the Week View or Month View instantly displays a list of events for that day in the Day View.

  • Furthermore, you can conveniently navigate between different time periods by swiping right or left, with the Day View automatically updating to reflect the selected timeframe.

This enhanced Calendar layout empowers your users to effortlessly manage the schedule, gain a comprehensive overview, and dive into event details with ease.

These updates in Starion are designed to elevate your app-building journey, offering enhanced customization, improved user experiences, and a more intuitive interface. We hope you enjoy exploring these new features and unleash the full potential of your apps.

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