The Card Layout option provides a larger space for each item compared to the List Layout option. This makes it suitable when you want to highlight the images of your items or display a large number of images

With the Header setting, you can display profile information at the top of each card. This includes options such as a profile image, title, and subtitle, allowing you to provide context or highlight key details about the item.


The Title field allows you to include a title for each item in the list, providing a concise and descriptive heading to represent the content.


Complementing the title, the Subtitle setting enables you to provide additional information or context related to the item.

Supporting Text

The Supporting Text field allows you to add further details or descriptions about the item, providing valuable insights or additional content.


The Media setting offers the opportunity to include rich visuals, a photo or a video, enhancing the visual appeal of each card.


The Accessory option provides a means to include supplementary information or actions within the card, allowing users to interact with the content or access additional features.

Group by

This allows you to create sections and organize your items based on a selected data field or column. This helps users to easily find and navigate to the items they are interested in.

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