Excel Workbook

Before you start

To ensure smooth data synchronization from your Excel Workbooks, it is recommended to follow these guidelines: Firstly, please choose a suitable Starion plan that can accommodate all the rows in your data table. Each plan has a different limitation on the number of rows that can be synced, so selecting a plan that meets your needs will prevent any data truncation during synchronization. Secondly, ensure that the heading row of your table is placed on the first row of the sheet since Starion automatically detects it as the heading row, ensuring that your table is synced correctly.

Additionally, the feature can only get the files from the root folder. We are improving it gradually. Lastly, please note that tables synced from the Excel Workbook will be in shared mode. To use the "Private table" mode, select the data source as Native tables instead.

How to connect

  • Access Data Studio and click the button "+ Add Table."

  • Choose access mode as "Shared table" and source as "Sync with Microsoft Excel." Then, click "Continue".

  • Log into your Microsoft account and grant access permissions to the root folder where your Excel files are stored. (this step is required for first-time synchronizing only)

  • In the "Select table to sync" pop-up in Starion, choose a workbook and its sheet

  • Click the "Save" button to start the process.

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