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Play Store

Distributing your external app to the Play Store can your apps easily accessible to Android users through the Play Store, increasing the trust as well as the reputation of your app.
In Starion, we empower you with a feature so you can publish your Starion apps directly to the Google Play Store with a simplified distribution process.

Step-by-step guide

  • From Dashboard, open the settings of your external app
  • Find and click on "Play Store"
  • Enter the Package name of your app which is provided by Google
  • Configure the management on Code signing setup
  • Click "Done" to save and start your first build

Code signing management

When you build an Android app and want to public on Google Play, you need to digitally sign your app. To sign your app, you need your keystore file and alias/password.
Choosing the type of code signing management is how you want to manage the keystore file and alias/password, as they are essential for future updates or new releases. You can let Starion manage it, or choose to keep it secured and entered by you each time of building app file.
You can ensure security when choosing the option to let Starion manage it for you. All your confidential data is encoded so it can't be seen by anyone even the developers of Starion.

Getting app build

From the page of app build management,
  • Click "Build App
  • Fill in the necessary information: the number of app versions and a description of what's new about this version.
  • Click "Start Build"
In the list of builds, you can follow the status of each. Once the status is "Completed", you can download the app file with the format (.apk) and (.aab) and upload it to the Play Store.
Once Google completes the app review, your app will be public and accessible to all Android users.