The Lookup input is a type of input field that allows users to enter a value by searching for the value from another data table. This input is commonly used when the required input data for the field is the reference data from other tables.


Add a title for the input field. This title should be descriptive enough to help users understand what information they are being asked to search for and provide.


Choose the table where the lookup will be performed. This is the table that contains the data that the user will be selecting from.

Lookup column

Choose the column containing the data to look up. This is the column that the lookup input will use to match the user's selection to the correct item in the table.

Allow multiple selections

This setting allows you to specify whether the user can select multiple items from the lookup table or if they are limited to a single selection.


"Required" and "Validation by Formula" checkboxes validate input.

When "Required" is enabled, the input field must be filled by users before they can submit the form.

"Validation by Formula" allows you to write your data validation rules with Typescript. Read how Typescript is implemented in Starion here.



Hide the input field if in case it is needed.

This can be useful if you only want to show the field to certain users, if you want to hide it until a specific point in the form, or when you want to use the component to collect the data in the background without displaying it to the user.


Name the component for use with the Typescript.


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