App template

An app template is a pre-designed and fully functional model that serves as a basis for creating new mobile applications. It includes all the necessary design elements, such as user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). In Starion, you can shorten the time to build your app by duplicating it from a template and filling in your data. Additionally, you can create an app and then share or sell it to others, making it easier for them to have their app.

Benefits of app template

Benefits for Creators:

  • Monetization: You can share or sell your App Templates, generating a revenue stream from your expertise.

  • Efficiency: You can save time and effort by eliminating the need to rebuild similar apps from scratch for several clients.

  • Impact: You can help empower others to create their apps quickly and easily, based on your successful blueprint.

Benefits for Users:

  • Jumpstart development: You can get a head start on building your app with a pre-defined structure and functionality.

  • Rapid prototyping: You can test your app concept before investing significant time and resources.

  • Customization: The app template still offers customization so you can tailor the template to fit your specific needs and brand identity.

Generating templates

Imagine you've meticulously crafted the perfect mobile app for your needs. With Starion's App Templates, you can immortalize your hard work. Convert your built app into a template, readily available for sharing or selling.

Generating a template is available for a published app.

Start producing templates by following these steps:

  • In the sidebar of the dashboard, go to Apps > Template

  • Click the button Create New Template on the right side of the interface

Next, you provide information for the template description so people can understand more about your product and find out if it suits their app requirements.

Here is the detail:

  1. Template Name: Give your template. This is for your management.

  2. Link With App: Choose the app that the template is generated from. Please note that the app should have already been published.

  3. Who Can Clone This Template?: Decide the accessibility of the template. You can choose it to be a public or one-time link.

    1. Everyone: or public, it means anyone with the template link can use it to create a new app. There is no limitation on the link usage.

    2. One-time Link: or private, one link is available for one person to generate one new app. Once a new app is created, the link will expire immediately.

  4. Title: Enter a name for your template when people see it using the template link or view the template on our template store. Ensure that the name is compelling enough to capture people's attention while still presenting the type of app it is built for.

  5. Subtitle: Give a short briefing about your template. Consider using this to explain the value of your template in more detail.

  6. Description: Provide an engaging description of your pre-built app's features and functionality that can be generated from your template. The ideal description is concise and informative, followed by a short list of main features.

  1. Screenshots: Provide the screenshot of the example app on both phones and tablets. Screenshots assist you the best in communicating with others about your template's features and highlights.

  2. Keywords: enter the list of keywords that people can use in the search engine to search your template from the store.

  3. Contact email: Leave a piece of contact information so people can reach out to you when they have any questions or concerns with the app template. Getting feedback on products is always an important task.

Publishing templates

Currently, you can publish your app templates by generating a sharing link and sending it to our clients.

Public templates

When you choose the template can be used by everyone, it is a public template and the link can be shared and used unlimitedly. Currently, to get the link:

  • Click "Edit" or open the settings of the template

  • Click "View in Template Store"

  • Get the link and share it with people

Private templates

The template that is shared with a one-time link is a private link. To get the link:

  • Click the 3-dot menu button on the template

  • Choose "Generate one-time link"

  • A pop-up opens with the link. Copy it and share.

Something to note

  • Only team owners on Starion can generate templates, ensuring proper control and management of shared assets.

  • Each app can be generated into one template only. Cloned apps cannot be used to generate new templates.

  • Once the app is deleted, the template will be removed permanently as well.

  • You can update the template after it is shared. However, the update won't be applied to the app that has been already cloned, even adding or removing the features.

  • Data is shared with the template as well, so make sure that you don't keep sensitive data in the app when you generate a template.

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