October 20, 2023

In this update:

Supporting address data input with Google Maps URL

Starting with this release, we have introduced a new feature that allows you to enter the Google Maps link of a location simply, and our system will automatically extract the exact address.

This feature is beneficial for components that require location data input. Once the address is extracted, it can be displayed in text or on the app's map view.

This is applied in:

  • The map layout of the collection page

  • The page cover of the canvas page

  • The map component of the detail page and Canva page

Validation on Typescript before saving

We have taken some steps to enhance your experience with Typescript and boost your productivity with the validation feature on Typescript.

This can help detect and highlight any issues in your code, allowing you to address them before your code is executed in the app. This feature ensures that your Typescript is always error-free and optimized for efficient performance.

Automatic authentication on organizational accounts

Starion Go has a new feature that allows for automatic authentication on organizational accounts.

This feature applies to accounts that have been signed up using the email address provided by the respective organization. So, your team members can now enjoy a hassle-free login experience on Starion Go without manual authentication.

Custom model for location request pop-up

When your team member first install and open the Starion Gpo app, they will encounter a pop-up requesting access to your location for the app.

The content of this pop-up can be customized to deliver the exact message for the reason of location permission request, which can increase trust in your app. This way, the pop-up is under your control.

User group to enhance team management

Previously, you may have had to configure app access permissions separately for each account, which could be inconvenient, especially if you have a large team.

To address this problem, we have introduced a new feature called "User Group". With this feature, you can create a group with specific access permissions and then assign member accounts to the group for quick and easy account permission configuration.

At Starion, we're dedicated to providing a platform that evolves alongside your app development needs. These updates are a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation as we strive to empower you to create remarkable apps that captivate your audience and drive success. Embrace these updates and unlock possibilities for your app development journey.

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