Imported CSV file

Before you start

Points to Note

  • Imported CSV data will be appended to your existing tables, ensuring data integrity.

  • Starion expects formats per the ISO-8601 standard for date and time data within your CSV. Acceptable formats include:

    • yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm

    • yyyy/MM/dd (Time defaults to 0:00)


Currently, Starion's CSV import functionality has the following constraints:

  • Maximum file size: 10MB

  • Maximum rows: 10,000

Ensuring your CSV files align with these parameters for a successful data import is essential.

Guide to import

  • Access Data Studio and click the button "+ Add Table."

  • Choose access mode as "Shared table" and source as "Import from CSV." Then, click "Continue".

  • In the next pop-up, click "Upload" and locate your file on your computer

  • Click "Save."

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