April 12, 2023

In this update:

New features

New item action: Update current row

This new item action will allow your users to update new data for an item from the Collection page. The newly submitted data will be saved and replaced the old data directly in your original data table.

See more details on this new item action and other types available in Starion:

New team settings actions

We've added more actions you can perform on your team settings, including "Resend Invitation" and "Change Role."

  • Resend invitation: this action allows you to send your team member the invitation to join your team on Starion again, especially in cases where the original invitation may have been overlooked or accidentally deleted by the recipient.

  • Change role: this action allows you to flexibly and effeciently assign different roles and permissions to team members based on their responsibilities and skillsets, especially in cases of changes in responsibilities, without the need for them to go through (again) the lengthy onboarding process for new team member.

Improvement & fix bugs

New sidebar menu for the tablet app

We move the menu bar from bottom of the screen to the left sidebar for better view for the tablet app. This side bar provides your tablet users with a more user-friendly and fluid navigating experience. It enables more items to be presented at once without overwhelming the screen, which is especially handy on a bigger screen, such as a tablet.

New gesture for the bottom sheets

One example of a bottom sheet is the calendar to enter date & time value in form page or the detailed list in Map layout. We have enhanced the interaction gestures with all components in these types in the app you are building, resulting in a smoother user experience. Your users can now swipe up to expand the on-screen display and down to close it.

Show your app icon on push notification

Adding the app icon to a push notification can help users quickly identify which app is sending the notification, especially if they have multiple apps installed on their device. This can increase the visibility and recognition of the app and make it more likely that the user will engage with the notification.

Contextual suggest on Formula

The Formula Editor has recently undergone an upgrade, and we're excited to announce that it can now provide suggestions for the formula in the Context category. This new feature will make it easier for you to navigate and use the Formula Editor. We are continually striving to improve our app's functionality and user experience, and we hope that this new feature will make a positive impact.

Add components for default form page

In previous version, when you start building your app, you open the default form page and just see a blank page in the app preview. Then you have to try remembering which columns are in your data table, which one(s) you allow your users to enter data for the items, and then you need to add components for each columns on your own.

From this update, the default form page will be automatically designed with the components added. Each columns in your data table is linked with one components that can collect the suitable, correct data. You just have the right to remove, add more, or change the order of the components.

Fix bugs

In this update, we upgrade the app bundle version which is related to fixing the recent issue with app publishing. We also fixed the bug with the Google Authentication on Custom Domain.

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