Starion Go

Starion Go acts as the central hub for all your internal app needs. It is designed exclusively for your team and offers a streamlined platform to manage and distribute your in-house apps.

While external apps have their realm, Starion Go ensures that internal apps remain the focal point, providing your team with a clutter-free and efficient experience.

Key Advantages

One of the critical advantages of Starion Go is its seamless accessibility. Instead of navigating the intricate web of app store submissions and approvals, Starion Go allows your users to access internal apps without any delay.

Team members can instantly unlock a world of custom-built tools and resources by downloading Starion Go from the App Store or Google Play Store and logging in with their Starion accounts.

Simplified Workflow

The beauty of Starion Go lies in its simplicity. Here's how it works:

  1. Publication: Once an internal app is published, it will automatically appear within Starion Go for your team's consumption.

  2. Member Access: Access to the internal apps within Starion Go is exclusively granted to team members with designated Starion accounts.

  3. Seamless Interaction: Your internal app will run directly within the Starion Go app. Team members must download Starion Go, log in, and gain immediate access to your team's apps.


For Android users, visit the Google Play Store to download Starion Go here:


How long does it take for an app to update after I click "Publish" in the Editor?

Typically, it takes about 3-5 minutes for your users to see the updates after you publish them from the editor.

Does Starion Go work offline?

Yes, Starion Go can function without an internet connection, including form submissions with attachments like files, videos, and images. All synced table data for the app will be accessible. Just ensure you open the app at least once before using it offline.

Can I monitor geo-fencing if my users have disabled it or set it to "Allow When Using Only"?

No, for the geo-fencing feature to work, your users must enable location usage for Starion Go and set it to "Always Use" location.

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